Releasing the Sweetest Sin



When all are just illusions.. 

You are blinded with fantasies and imaginations.

Embracing the heartaches cause you too much destructions.

You know things are not permanent, but change is. 

So why settle for something you know you’ll gonna lose any way?


Enough. Pls! wake up. Don’t be too hard on yourself okay?

You don’t have to be miserable.

Gain some respect because that’s what you deserve.

Release it slowly.

Forgive and accept.

I’m telling you it’s not easy at first, but eventually it will.

with love, 

❤️Counter Ego ❤️


To My Dear Universe


When you assume the worst of me,

I have to remind myself that you’re really seeing the worst in you. 

Projected onto everyone else. 

We are the stars of our own internal dramas, but I can only forgive so much. 

I’m tired of treading on eggshells. 

What’s so good about being around you when you refuse to see the good in me? 

When your passive-aggressive act begins to undermine my integrity. 

You’ll need to find another supporting cast, 

So I can keep my own self-respect intact. 



Silent Struggles


“It’s all in the mind” as they say.
Thinking too much, talking less and doing nothing makes you feel miserable.

Procrastination, rumination and repression are your mind’s bestfriends, it helps you to be good at hiding everything that stops you from growing.

It’s hard for you to let them go, you’re attatched, you’re toxicated & you’re addicted.

When will you stop clinging to them as your bestfriends where in fact they are just snakes crawling in the grass. They makes you think that wrong seems right. They cover up the reality with their great illusionary wall. You are trapped and they slowly kills you inside but you fake it on the outside.

These are the consequences they can give you if you will let them rule you’re soul. So beware of them for they will always attack you in silence.



In the dark, cold room she hug herself, she feel her heart beating,

she’s alive and she has to.

The heat inside her body is fighting the coldness of the air, the lights in her eyes brightens the darkness of her sorroundings.

She has to carry the light. She has to keep the heat inside her.

It’s not easy to stay warm when all around her are freezing but she has to.

The thought of giving up has whispered, telling her to be hard, to freeze her softness. But her blood flows, her muscles tense. She’s still struggling.

She’s still alive and she has to.

Why Doctor of Medicine?

I personally have numbers of reasons why I choose medicine as a profession.

First is to help people. All of us can help in different ways but a doctor provides help directly in critical situations. Aside from that, being a doctor comes with a great responsibility and one of it is to promote health to the community. I would like to spread health awareness among individuals for the improvement of their well-being.

My personal philosopy in life is to continually strive for improvement. That is one of the reasons why I would love to pursue medicine. I would like to seek challenges that would make me a better person and I would like to learn new things daily.

Last but not the least reason is to give glory to the Source of all the knowldge and wisdom. I would love to be His instrument. To use me in His service, to be a missionary doctor, to share His love, and to acknowledge that He is the only Healer of our diseases, of our sins.

Feeling Of Not Feeling

We all hit the point when we feel like throwing it all, when we are drowning in apathy because things gets boring, complicated or difficult. We feel immobilized, stagnant, we feel the pain, the failures, disappointments, fears, and anything that stop us from moving forward.. 

Whenever we are lack of courage to start moving, always ask ourselves this question: if we’re not motivated enough, how can we conquer multiple hurdles that life brings to us?

Let me tell you that it just all about our MINDSET..

Having a growth mindset can challenge us to face life’s obstacles. Yes, it’s easier to said than being done, but I tell you WILLINGNESS to change is the key to achieve that mindset..

We should set our mind a daily goal to compete with no one but ourselves, to have the awareness and know that we are the boss of our own emotions, this can make us a better persons than we we’re yesterday.

Let’s stop drowning and start to feel floating above and far from feeling of not feeling..


  Have a productive journey ahead!

Dear Insecurities

The struggle is grueling, 
the fight is inspiring,
 and now I’m accepting,
instead of complaining.

 For all we’ve been through, 
for all of my fears and doubts, I thank you.
Your strike is a spur that push me to be my best,
to be better than you, to be the strongest.

  Feelings of “too much” and “not enough” ended with a lesson, 
    Demon was defeated because prayer is my weapon. 
The days you rob me of the truth are now gone.
You can’t hinder me, my life still goes on.